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Hidden Stories 2017

This year we’ve had another 12 months of incredible stories, breathtaking wildlife photography, and endangered species reports. We’ve selected a few of the articles that you may not have seen, but you really need to. Here are our ‘Hidden Stories 2017’:



Red and Silver foxes vulpes vulpes Brittany Crossman Vulpes Vulpes The Red Fox Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature 2

Vulpes Vulpes – The Red Fox

Cross Fox - vulpes vulpes - Brittany Crossman - Vulpes Vulpes - The Red Fox - Conjour Wildlife Photography Feature - 1

The talented Brittany Crossman brings us a look at one of the most widespread and beautiful, yet controversial, species in the world. In some countries, they are maligned as an invasive species wrecking havoc on native animals. But in others countries, it is that very ability to adapt to all landscapes which renders them almost a spiritual quality that endears them to local populations. Click below to see some of the most stunning portraits of the red fox you’re ever likely to see.

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Panamanian Golden Frog


Sadly, the Panamanian golden frog is now extinct in the wild, but with captive breeding programs under way, and planned reintroductions with the help of zoo and field staff in the future, there is some hope. Read our species report on this beautiful amphibian, by writer Paris Bates, to learn more about a frog that uses hand signals to overcome noise pollution!

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Turn to Dust Series: Of Ivory and Ashes


Bee-Elle is an unbelievably passionate and skilled wildlife photographer from Australia, and we’re lucky to have published her second piece in the ‘Turn to Dust’ series for Conjour, with the third coming up soon. So in preparation for that, click below to see amazing imagery with an important message direct from a conservation photographer who spends a lot of time with this species in the field.

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Eastern Lowland Gorilla


Primates around the world are nearing extinction, thanks in large part to human persecution. In this species report, writer Eleanor Bickerton looks at the marvellous Eastern lowland gorilla and what impact we’re having on them, as well as what we’re doing to reverse that damage. Click below.

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Captions and Credits for Images, from top-down:
– Feature Image: Brittany Crossman, All Rights Reserved
– Red Fox: Brittany Crossman, All Rights Reserved
– Panamanian Golden Frog: D. Nillson, All Rights Reserved
– Elephant: Bee-Elle, All Rights Reserved
– – Juvenile: Cimanuka Group, Eastern Lowland Gorilla, Kahuzi-Biega National Park:By Joe McKenna from San Diego, California [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
– Adult male: Graueri Gorilla at English Wikipedia [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.


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