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Conjour supports the work of Rewilding Australia in their aim to improve the trajectory for Australia’s wildlife, restore lost ecosystem function and species interactions, and increase ecosystem resilience to future threats.



Eastern Quoll Transportation - Conjour In Situ Update - Port Arthur

This began with financing the construction of twenty new wildlife transportation crates. Now, we’re seeking your help with a new survey they’re running.

Rewilding Australia has partnered with postgraduate students at the UTS Business School on a project analysing the organisation’s current audience base to inform a Google AdWords marketing campaign. Input from the public will assist Rewilding Australia in tailoring its marketing efforts in the future so that they can continue their valuable work to improve the trajectory for Australia’s wildlife.


The Need for Data

This is an anonymous and non-commercial study. The information provided will be used for academic purposes at the University of Technology Sydney and will also help to shape marketing campaigns that are being run on a probono basis on behalf of Rewilding Australia.

With the Eastern quoll extinct on mainland Australia and populations potentially in decline in Tasmania, it is vital RA programs continue. Working with Devils@Cradle and Trowunna Wildlife Park, the organisation is expanding captive breeding facilities. Public support is an important part of this, and data sourced from this survey will help target campaigns effectively.

If you’re part of the Conjour community, get involved and help out Rewilding Australia continue their critical work! Visit the survey by clicking here: Rewilding Australia Survey.

To donate to RA’s work, click here: Support RA.


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